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How to Decide What Policies to Enforce in your Salon
How to decide what policies to enforce in your salon In my post today, I wanted to share some thoughts[...]
How to Write a Complaints Policy for Your Salon
Today I wanted to  show you how to write a complaints policy for your salon. And delve a little deeper[...]
Salon interior ideas – Top tips to get the most out of your salon design
Introduction You've all seen the decorating programmes on the television. The upheaval, the tension, the time restraints and finally the[...]
Winning insights on self-employment for salon owners
Hey Guys! So today I 'm going to delve into the world of ‘self-employment’. A phrase often shrouded in mystery[...]
Music licensing – All you need to know.
Intro: Today I wanted to talk guessed it! Music Licensing for salons. Music is an integral part of a[...]
5 Simple Ideas to Market Your Salon this Mother’s Day
Hi guys! So today I am going to talk through some super easy to implement tips to market your salon[...]

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