Picture this, it’s a busy Saturday morning and you have been running around like a headless chicken since your feet touched the ground on arrival. You look at the clock and your 10.30 am appointment has not yet arrived?

‘That’s unusual’ you think to yourself? Time ticks on and it’s now 10.45 am, it appears they are either late or not coming at all!

‘Did I book them in correctly when they last left? Are they running late? Have they simply forgot?’

11 am strikes and your next appointment walks through the door, deeming your previous client a ‘No Show’!

Sound familiar?

If you are anything like me, this is an all too relatable and irritating occurrence!! No shows cost the salon money and/or the stylist if you are self employed. So it is essential to minimize them where possible.

In this post I am going to show you a few ideas you can easily implement to try and reduce those annoying no shows and keep your salon running at maximum profitability and efficiency.

How can we solve this frustrating issue?

Now aside from dragging people into the salon yourself, we cannot control the actions of others unfortunately.

However, there are a few things you can do to help combat this problem for your salon!!

  1.        Call, text or email the client ahead of the allotted appointment.

This is the easiest to put into practice as it only takes a minute and can be very effective. Dentists, doctors and plenty of other service industries use this method.

An easy template (if you don’t have salon software to do this for you!) would be something along these lines:

“Hi Jane, Just a quick reminder for your hair appointment on Wednesday 6th July at 10.00am. Hope to see you then, any problems please don’t hesitate to contact us on…Kind regards

  1.        A call or text AFTER allotted appointment.

Now this may seem counter intuitive as these are tips on prevention. But a quick call after a client has failed to show up for their slot, reinforces that you have missed them. I guess a ‘Sorry we missed you’ kind of take?

This is just a courtesy call to check in if they are a regular, that they are okay, and there hasn’t been some sort of mix up? Usually it’s the latter or they have completely forgotten. From personal experience, they are usually mortified that they let you down and never do it again!!

And for those new clients that do it, and perhaps still forgot but don’t have the same sentiment. Its also a bit of a nudge in their direction just to say ‘Hey, I noticed you missed your appointment today.’ Hopefully they will refrain from this in future as it has not gone ‘unnoticed’!

  1.       Charge a nominal amount and tag it onto their next bill.

Again, you would have to call or inform the client before doing so. Or if they call to rearrange the missed appointment inform them that this policy was in force. But having a 10 GBP fee for example, for missed appointments, can help claw back some money lost for having the slot unfilled and discourage it happening again in future.

You should have this policy clearly stated in plain sight of customers and ensure it is outlined on your website too. A simple notice on the sections and/or on the front desk stating the policy will suffice.

This is somewhat tricky to enforce more so than the other two suggestions, as people could go elsewhere in future with it not being a nation wide system in place.

However most hairdressers have a good relationship with clients and they would understand the fee attained and be obliging to pay up!

You may choose to waive the fee for regulars and one off occurrences? Really this method could be more of a deterrent than anything else, but repeat ‘offenders’ (you know the ones 😉 ) must comply to the set fee.

Although this is probably the most difficult to invoke, it is probably the most effective in that clients will only do it once!


I hope these pointers will be applicable and helpful to you guys! I for one have found since implementing these strategies, it has most certainly cut down on pesky no shows!!

I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this issue! Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

What do you do to prevent this from happening? Do you have any tried and tested methods you use in your salon?









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