How Olaplex can help your Salon Marketing


Using Olaplex in your salon can help you gain and retain custom.

If you are able to offer the latest products and give your customers what they want, it is a win win. Your stylists are able to achieve results that were otherwise more difficult, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the clients hair.

The marketing angle is selling the benefits of using Olaplex to the client. Of course, you charge for the use of this product with your colouring system and as long as the clients understand the advantages of using this product, they will likely pay for it. Building it into your pricing system and always highlighting what the client gains from it is key here.

After all, who doesn’t want beautifully coloured hair using a product that doesn’t compromise the condition of the hair?

Hair insurance anyone?

In our post today, we wanted to get you up to speed on a revolutionary product that can help market your salon head and shoulders above the rest.

All the way from the United States of America…

Drum roll please…

Enter Olaplex.

You have most likely heard of it, as it is the new buzzword in the hair industry, and the product is used by top stylists and salons nationwide.

It is an on trend topic at present, with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian endorsing the brand.

It is being used in more salons in recent years and for good reason. If you jump on the bandwagon you are able to brand your business as a leading name in your area, simply by adding a new product to your menu.

So what is Olaplex?

The science behind the magic…

Olaplex is a system that permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in the hair that are broken during the chemical process. And is the only salon system that re builds broken hair bonds.

If your hair is over processed over the years – whose isn’t?! This allows you to rebuild the structure, strength and integrity of the hair.


It helps regenerate the hair and allows colourists to work their magic – even more than normal – and achieve the more extreme colour corrections within one sitting.

That’s right folks… we are talking black to blonde in one session! (Think Kim K!)

Show me how!

It is a three part system, two of which must be carried out in a salon, and the final treatment by the client at home.

It includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance. Visit the Olaplex site to see for yourself.

Part One - Bond Multiplier

It is the concentrated first salon step that rebuilds the broken disulphide bonds in the hair and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair.

This can be used as a stand alone treatment or added to lightener, colour or chemical services.

Part Two - Bond Perfector

The second step, continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest and healthiest hair possible.

This is applied after the chemical process is complete at the backwash to further mend the hair.

Part Three - Hair Perfector

This is the home remedy. This final step provides clients continuous protection from ongoing damage at home.

So this is to be used once a week  as a sort of conditioning treatment to strengthen the hair.

Apply to damp hair, comb through and leave for a minimum of 10 minutes or leave as an overnight job for peak results, and wash out in the morning.

How using Olaplex in your salon is good for business

Using the latest technology, helps your salon brand dominate as a leading contender, ensuring people want to visit your salon over the competition.

Olaplex is a system only available in professional salons, so adding Olaplex to your salon menu could dramatically increase your future earnings. This is because people can’t get it elsewhere, there is no competition from other retail outlets – we’re talking the home dye variety – so it puts your salon at the forefront.

Here are key points as to why using the Olaplex system in your salon can help grow your business and clientele.

  • Happy staff = happy salon! Your staff will be grateful as they too will notice an enhancement to their pay packets, especially if they are self employed.
  • Great ROI. Adding this product to your services will be worth shelling out for because your return on investment will more than pay for itself. 
  • Endless possibilities. Opens up the possibilities for technical colouring and is good for people nervous about the damaging effects of colouring. It is also great for long haired clients too as they often feel have had to make the choice between their length or how light they want to be. 
  • More opportunity to sell products. There are other products available giving you another opportunity to sell Olaplex benefits to your clients, including: a bond maintenance shampoo & conditioner,  a bond smoother and bonding oil

How do you introduce Olaplex to your clients?

As stated on the Olaplex site itself, the best way to introduce a new products to clients is to show them.

Social proof is the best to evidence any new product line. Therefore Instagram is the perfect platform with which to do so. If you check out the #olaplex hashtag, there are currently over 300,000 posts from stylists worldwide with real world results.

For a non biased take on this product, Instagram is the way to go and let Olaplex do the talking for you – leading clients to their own opinion.

Another great way to highlight the benefits of using Olaplex is to create comparison swatches. This way again, you are letting the product do the talking. If you show clients a lightened swatch with Olaplex added, versus lightened hair without. Clients can visibly see and feel the difference in hair for themselves

Explain that it can be used on all hair types, added to colour, lightener and relaxers to mitigate damage during these processes.

Additionally, another ideal selling point is that it is compatible with both perms and keratin smoothing treatments. So no matter how diverse your client base is, it can be utilised in all the main chemical treatments.

Furthermore, you could use Olaplex on your own hair and your staff’s to further promote. This transfers the accountability from just selling a product, to fully endorsing it as a consumer yourself.

As if your need anymore encouragement to introduce Olaplex into your salon. Just in case, here are a few more beneficial points to twist your arm…

Benefits of using Olaplex in your salon

  • Seasonal perks. With Summer upon us, it is a great time to introduce this product as a new addition to your menu. It is a must for anyone heading lighter, and let’s face it the time is now!
  • Grow your client base. You have the potential to gain a colour clientele like never before. Any clients that have been uneasy about colouring their hair (particularly if lifting) can rest assured that their hair is in capable hands.
  • Diversify your treatments. Olaplex gives you an entry way to encourage colour services to a wider range of your salon’s clientele. Allowing you to diversify treatments and in turn your profits.
  • Colour compatibility. If you are concerned about compatibility with your existing products, then fear not my friends, because Olaplex is entirely compatable with all brands! Although the lines themselves may be different, the underlying chemistry is not. See for yourself
  • Professional use only. It is not offered in all salons and only available in salons. So take this opportunity to differentiate your salon from the opposition by expanding your services, and market yourself as a supplier.
  • Against animal testing. Olaplex is against animal testing. None of their products contain silicone, sulphates, phthalates, DEA or aldehydes. So this is great to have a new ‘free from’ product for any vegan clients.

So channel Blake Lively with those sought after beachy, blonde tresses and crack out the magic wand, (curling wand that is) tint brushes and lightener:

There’s a new kid on the block.

One that enables your salon to create beautiful, healthy hair that our clients so justly deserve. 

We hope this post has inspired you recognise that the use of Olaplex within your salon can help further your growth.

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